Simple, smart and fun.

Creative success depends on clear communication and an efficient workflow. We've developed a 5-step process for projects of all sizes. Step six, involving cocktails, is not listed.

How we operate:

1) The kick-off meeting

Likely, we've spent some introductory time discussing the scope of your project and deliverables. Next we'll have a meeting to get better acquainted, understand all things about you and your company, and determine how your project will take shape. We'll make a schedule and work out the best method to exchange ideas, copy, comps and proofs. We'll identify key players and determine the most efficient way for us to communicate with you during the entire project.

2) Gone fishin'

We process information learned in the kick-off meeting and develop creative ideas for your project. This includes brainstorming, sketching (using pen & paper!), discussing first drafts and getting our best concepts ready for presentation. What can you do while we're away? Anticipate some great design.

3) The first catch

We present concepts for your project. We'll explain why we made our choices and why we think the options we present are the right ones for you. Rest easy, we've culled over many variations of the designs we present and the ones you see are, in our opinion, the best. Then you'll tell us what you think.

4) Back to the fishin' hole

You choose the creative direction you prefer and it's the "roll up our sleeves, get down to making the great concept you approved become reality" phase. The communication process expands with regular meetings, emails and phone conversations about the work. We'll present full-realized designs, and get approval from you to start production.

5) Fry 'em up

The final production phase begins after you've signed off on all aspects of the project. Upon completion, we'll provide master copies of your finished materials. Then we'll have a follow-up meeting to make sure you're happy, and learn what we can do for your next project.