Home page for Pelsue, manufacturer and supplier of industrial safety equipment.Pelsue, a manufacturer and supplier of industrial safety equipment, had quality products with superior engineering, and a history of excellent customer service. Unfortunately, their website didn’t make a compelling enough case for their business.

After interviewing management, staff, distributors and customers to learn what made Pelsue unique, we created new messaging and visual branding to better communicate their history of quality engineering.

We also developed a quarterly email campaign, centered around new and returning seasonal products, and encouraged the CEO to cater to his fans with personal stories on his blog. Website traffic, response and enjoyment was increased significantly from the previous version.

Main products page for Pelsue, with animated menu, showcasing each category.Product category pages were designed to show the breadth of the line-up, and related items.A section of the site was dedicated to Pelsue history of product engineering.Home page uses a series of interchangeable "ads", with serious yet personable language.