Ortho-K Doctors

Logo for Otho-K Doctors, a promotional website for OrthokeratologyThe Ortho-K Doctors website was designed to promote the understanding and use of Orthokeratology (OrthoK), a non-surgical procedure to gently reshape the eye for improved vision. We first created comprehensive corporate ID system, and then designed a full-featured website, designed to appeal to the those considering OrthoK. The site needed to both communicate the safety and effectiveness of OrthoK to consumers, and also sell doctors on the benefits of site membership. For trade shows and seminars, we created a branded environment with off-the-shelf components.

Along with business cards and collateral, we created treatments for the symbol and URL.

The home page used an animated ad with four primary messages, and prominent links to typical questions.We used a simplified illustration and descriptive copy to explain the safety of the procedure.Visitors could search for doctors by zip code proximity, and doctors could improve their listing with paid membership.Membership with Ortho-K Doctors provides a customized landing page for the doctor, and improved search placement.Website branding was applied to the tradeshow environment.