Fulcrum Methods

Corporate identity for Fulcrum Methods, consultants specializiing in organizational healthcare.Fulcrum Methods, a consulting group focused on organizational healthcare, needed a logo to appeal to their serious-minded medical institution audience. We utilized a mixture of classic and modern elements, and extended the design onto business cards, stationery, environmental, sales collateral, advertising, and a corporate website.

Business card and stationery for Fulcrum Methods.Environmental design for Fulcrum Methods event presence.

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Washington Mutual

Theme logo for Washington Mutual's annual employee event.Being pleased with our branding work for State of the Group, a three-day employee development conference, Washington Mutual asked us to create the next one, themed “What Really Matters”. After much brainstorming and idea generation, we fully realized several concepts, the winner using “viewfinder” brackets for objects, concepts and places that matter most to Washington Mutual employees. Our identity style guide was used to create event graphics, including wayfinding, badges, and banners.

A common use was to bracket evocative photos like a frame.Larger photos impart new meaning when used outside the brackets.Banner used outside the Anaheim Convention Center. Inside the convention hall, images and graphic elements were used on large presentation screens to reinforce the event ID.


Streetline corporate logo.Streetline, a highly regarded startup enterprise in San Francisco, made freshbait responsible for their creative strategy, branding, logo and marketing materials. After designing the logo, we developed brand elements into a website and sales kit package. Over a three-year engagement, we also created a trade show environment, presentation slides, product documentation, and mobile/web application user interfaces.

Streetline brand elements were developed into a sales kit package, brochure and datasheets.Streetline websiteStreetline websiteEnvironmental design for Streetline events and trade shows.Widescreen product slideshow for event booth screen display.Sales presentation system.