Resilience logo is both an information clearinghouse and a network of action-oriented groups. Their focus is on building community resilience in a world of multiple emerging challenges: the decline of cheap energy, the depletion of critical resources like water, complex environmental crises like climate change and biodiversity loss, and the social and economic issues which are linked to these. We created a logo that uniquely and deeply spoke to their philosophy, continuing with a website designed as both a community library with space to read and think, and a vibrant café in which to meet people, discuss ideas and projects, and pick up and share tips on how to build the resilience of your community, your household, or yourself.Resilience homepageresilience_web6Resilience GroupsResilience Environment pageResilience ResourcesResilience Affiliate badge

IT Optimizers

IT Optimizers logo


IT Optimizers provide consulting services in the field of Information Technology process design, where complex tasks are made simple. However, their logo and website didn’t accurately reflect their exacting approach to the industry. To keep existing clients at ease with the transition to a new look, we retained the original color scheme and concept, then refined and simplified the logo. For the website we made key messaging prominent, accessible, and visually interesting.IT Optimizers home pageportolio_ITO_services


healthshop logo

Healthshop, a SF Bay-area startup focusing on helping people stay on track with healthy habits, hired freshbait to create their corporate brand and introductory website. We took time to listen and learn about their company’s intention, and created something friendly, human and reassuring. The animated website reinforced that with direct messaging, evocative photos, and multi-platform optimization.

healthshop materialshealthshop website screenhealthshop website screen


Payday logoPayday wanted to stand apart from other payroll services, so we created a logo and brand identity to visually support their promise of experience, integrity and excellent customer service. The vintage style and vibrant royal blue color gets noticed, while imparting friendliness and ease, both important attributes for our client.

We also created a direct one-page website, free from clutter and designed to give new clients every reason to contact them immediately, while providing current clients an FAQ with answers to everyday questions.

Payday homepage header

Payday home page footer

Ortho-K Doctors

Logo for Otho-K Doctors, a promotional website for OrthokeratologyThe Ortho-K Doctors website was designed to promote the understanding and use of Orthokeratology (OrthoK), a non-surgical procedure to gently reshape the eye for improved vision. We first created comprehensive corporate ID system, and then designed a full-featured website, designed to appeal to the those considering OrthoK. The site needed to both communicate the safety and effectiveness of OrthoK to consumers, and also sell doctors on the benefits of site membership. For trade shows and seminars, we created a branded environment with off-the-shelf components.

Along with business cards and collateral, we created treatments for the symbol and URL.

The home page used an animated ad with four primary messages, and prominent links to typical questions.We used a simplified illustration and descriptive copy to explain the safety of the procedure.Visitors could search for doctors by zip code proximity, and doctors could improve their listing with paid membership.Membership with Ortho-K Doctors provides a customized landing page for the doctor, and improved search placement.Website branding was applied to the tradeshow environment.


Home page for Pelsue, manufacturer and supplier of industrial safety equipment.Pelsue, a manufacturer and supplier of industrial safety equipment, had quality products with superior engineering, and a history of excellent customer service. Unfortunately, their website didn’t make a compelling enough case for their business.

After interviewing management, staff, distributors and customers to learn what made Pelsue unique, we created new messaging and visual branding to better communicate their history of quality engineering.

We also developed a quarterly email campaign, centered around new and returning seasonal products, and encouraged the CEO to cater to his fans with personal stories on his blog. Website traffic, response and enjoyment was increased significantly from the previous version.

Main products page for Pelsue, with animated menu, showcasing each category.Product category pages were designed to show the breadth of the line-up, and related items.A section of the site was dedicated to Pelsue history of product engineering.Home page uses a series of interchangeable "ads", with serious yet personable language.

Bohler Institute

Logo for Bohler Institute, a Real Estate education company.Bohler Institute, a educational organization specializing in real estate, asked us to create their corporate identity. We were directed to create a stately, refined image, and opted to design a seal, using a refined torch element from an earlier logo. With the logo completed, our work continued, providing detailed art direction and creative guidance for their website.

Home page for Bohler Institute has an understated elegance.Primary content sections utilized logical and friendly information design.We prepared content templates that for multiple uses.(scrolled page) Student login page for online courses.

Stand & Deliver

Corporate logo for Stand & Deliver, speech performance consultants.During their effort to reinvigorate their business, we asked Stand & Deliver to focus on their high-end corporate clients, and created an updated logo to expand that directive. A complete set of communication materials were created, plus directives on how to present the brand, and a philosophical, artistic approach to online communications.

Corporate communication materials for Stand & Deliver.Home page for Stand & Deliver used a short animated "ad" for message delivery.About page used clear information design and callouts to expand messaging.Interactive graphic elements engaged the user, and simplified communication.Client testimonials reinforced corporate philoosphy.

Fulcrum Methods

Corporate identity for Fulcrum Methods, consultants specializiing in organizational healthcare.Fulcrum Methods, a consulting group focused on organizational healthcare, needed a logo to appeal to their serious-minded medical institution audience. We utilized a mixture of classic and modern elements, and extended the design onto business cards, stationery, environmental, sales collateral, advertising, and a corporate website.

Business card and stationery for Fulcrum Methods.Environmental design for Fulcrum Methods event presence.

Fulcrum Methods Home PageFulcrum Methods What We Do pageFulcrum Methods Case Study pageFulcrum Methods About page

Golden Boy Partners

Logo for Golden Boy Partners, a partnership of Oscar De La Hoya and John Long.When boxer/philanthropist Oscar de la Hoya and real estate investment leader John Long formed their collaborative business venture, they turned to freshbait for help branding the new initiative. Utilizing the best visual aspects of each half of the initiative, we created their logo, identity system, materials and website.

Stationery and supplies refected crisp, modern standards.Packaging for promotional video DVD.Website helped sell the community-building aspect of the partnership.