Ortho-K Doctors

Logo for Otho-K Doctors, a promotional website for OrthokeratologyThe Ortho-K Doctors website was designed to promote the understanding and use of Orthokeratology (OrthoK), a non-surgical procedure to gently reshape the eye for improved vision. We first created comprehensive corporate ID system, and then designed a full-featured website, designed to appeal to the those considering OrthoK. The site needed to both communicate the safety and effectiveness of OrthoK to consumers, and also sell doctors on the benefits of site membership. For trade shows and seminars, we created a branded environment with off-the-shelf components.

Along with business cards and collateral, we created treatments for the symbol and URL.

The home page used an animated ad with four primary messages, and prominent links to typical questions.We used a simplified illustration and descriptive copy to explain the safety of the procedure.Visitors could search for doctors by zip code proximity, and doctors could improve their listing with paid membership.Membership with Ortho-K Doctors provides a customized landing page for the doctor, and improved search placement.Website branding was applied to the tradeshow environment.

Bohler Institute

Logo for Bohler Institute, a Real Estate education company.Bohler Institute, a educational organization specializing in real estate, asked us to create their corporate identity. We were directed to create a stately, refined image, and opted to design a seal, using a refined torch element from an earlier logo. With the logo completed, our work continued, providing detailed art direction and creative guidance for their website.

Home page for Bohler Institute has an understated elegance.Primary content sections utilized logical and friendly information design.We prepared content templates that for multiple uses.(scrolled page) Student login page for online courses.

Asheville School

Asheville School viewbook and brochuresDuring an intensive, year-long project, we created thirteen different pieces corresponding with Asheville School’s marketing plan.

From a 56 page Viewbook to a two-fold “fact sheet,” all of these award-winning materials were designed to work together to form a cohesive look that defined Asheville School as a progressive, personal, academically and athletically challenging alternative to tier one private high schools. And a look that would make kids say, “wow, this school looks cool AND will help me get into a top university.” (Yes, just like that.)

Asheville School’s Director of Communications was most pleased, saying “without Freshbait on our team, we would have produced average, run-of-the-mill admission materials. Our materials would have been equal to other materials within our industry. Freshbait brought a vibracy and feeling of energy to our new materials that literally jumps off the page at readers. The depth of the materials is extraordinary.”

The materials received three top awards from CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education): Best Student Recruitment Publication Package, Best Student Recruitment Piece & Most Improvement in Design.

A 56-page viewbook anchored all the materials and set the visual tone.Focused on real-world aspects of student life, using a friendly, engaging design.Half-page overlays, foldouts, and witty asides kept the content engaging.

Brochures for academics, after-school activites, and one geared for parents.Asheville School academic brochure highlighted the wit and wisdom of teachers.Afternoon activities were treated with a dynamic, magazine-style layout.

Asheville School's parent brochure was made smaller, using similar styles, but with a more serious approach.Pre-teen brochures took a more fun approach, with more illustrations, foldouts, and stickers.